I have gone back and forth on wreaths.  In my younger days I loved them – they seemed so welcoming!  Then I saw them as too country and not my style at all.

But this week I took a photography class which took us to the most classic and beautiful historic area, Old Town Alexandria.  There were some doors that rekindled my appreciation of wreaths.


I just love the loose natural feeling of this wreath.

And this door is perfect with the juxtaposition of yellow door and orange wreath, and black and white bow.

Now wreaths are classic.


Then I was looking through the Pottery Barn catalog and found these beautiful wreaths.

Live Orange Harvest Wreath

I also like this one.

Live Rustic Coxcomb Wreath

There were several other beautiful ones, but these are my favorites.

Isn’t it funny how you can go back and forth on some decor?