New Gallery Wall Around the TV

Sometimes you change things up and for awhile the change is good.  Whatever you have done seems like such an improvement.  Such was the case with my gallery wall around the TV.
Not so long ago, this is how this wall looked.  The minimal look isn’t always a good thing.

The absolutely best thing you can do to motivate yourself to do something about a room is take a picture of it.  Then you will think to yourself, “oh no, that is what this room looks like?!”  Pictures help you see the room as visitors do.

The above is a very timid attempt at some decoration on the wall around the TV.  At least the rug is a better color and size for the room.  No comment on the table.  I knew it was a temporary stand-in.

Much improved with a more interesting gallery wall.  But, I didn’t feel all happy to see it.  It was just okay, an improvement, nothing to write home about.  Read about the coffee table here.

I finally recognized that the old wall had evolved into a rustic look that wasn’t what I was going for.  I kept scanning Pinterest and blogs for gallery walls in my spare time.  This one really got my attention.

I like the simplicity and the symmetry of this arrangement. Also, it’s interesting with an updated but traditional vibe. 
 I spent a couple of weeks looking for frames in thrift stores.  Yep, I started with the frame, not the art.  I found some, but ultimately I had to go to Ikea for the larger one.  Also, I am loving the modern simplicity of white frames and just could not find that at a thrift store.
I used newspaper (are we the last people in America to read the physical newspaper?) to make templates the size of my frames to see if my plan would work.
‘Looks pretty good!

I enlarged a couple of photos I had taken at the beach last summer to 8 x10. This is a good standard size and the mat is a standard size too.

Then, I tried my hand at watercolor.  See my post about that here.
Of the smaller art, one is a card and the other I found, framed, at a thrift store.

For me, finding an arrangement that I liked, then finding the frames, then the art to go in them was the way to go.  Standard sizes for the picture frames and mats are the most inexpensive options. 
I also changed out the coffee table.  But more on that next week.
One more before and after.

Before: Picture taken February, 2015

After: Picture taken March 31, 2016

Decorating is such a process.  Try this, try that, no, that isn’t right, until you find what feels right.  You have to be either gifted or obsessed.  I’m the latter.
There are still a few tweaks to go on this room. Sigh.