I finally have an organized garage.  I cannot tell you how excited this makes me#getalife. 
If you are a real do it yourselfer you are probably snickering at this paltry amount of tools.  But even when you have only a few tools, which are mostly not power, you want to be able to find the one you are looking for.  You even want them organized on a pretty striped pegboard.
Below see how this area used to look.

The old kitchen cabinetry was left here by the previous owners.  In fact they left quite a bit of old cabinets that I have gotten rid of over the years. 
I decided to keep this one – I like the hidden storage that the doors provide.
As always, paint gave it a new life.  And priming it first was key to making it look so much better.  I also bought new handles for an update.
There was an old laminate countertop on the cabinet.  I washed it with TSP, then primed it and painted it with glossy black paint.  I finished it with two coats of polyurethane.  We will see how long it lasts.

I purchased this galvanized organizer and tray from Birch Lane.  I think you could get a similar effect with cans with the label removed and an enamel tray.
The perfect little stool for those hard to reach tools.
But that was just one area that needed organizing and fixing up.
Below is what the other side of the garage looked like.

We started with two piles:  keep and donate.  I loaded up the van and made several trips to the thrift store.
Next I drew up a plan on scrap paper for the items that were to be stored in the garage.  My categories were:  Christmas, sports/games, coolers, beach, camping gear.  By doing this planning I was able to buy only the shelving and tubs that I needed.

Tom and I went to The Container Store and bought 3 shelving units with 4 shelves each, plus two tubs (for the camping gear and the games, sports gear).
Having everything on the shelves makes it organized and easier to clean around.

The tool area always frustrated me.  Having to paw through this pile in order to find the rake or the shovel was so annoying.

Now I can immediately find what I am looking for.  I found this Rubbermaid tool caddy on Amazon.

There is still work to be done.  Did you notice that file cabinet in the middle of the garage?  It’s full of papers that my hoarder husband must read through first.  And those doors on the cabinet are hiding a few secrets.  But we are so far ahead of where I had even dared to dream.
It’s the simple things.

To read about my gardening area in the garage go here.

This is not a sponsored post.  I paid full price for everything mentioned.

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Our garage had reached the point where it caused me stress every time I went in there.  The disorder, dirt and cobwebs, not to mention not being able to find anything, made me want to scream.
The previous owners of our home used old kitchen cabinets and the puniest shelves for their storage needs.  I have been gradually getting rid of both for years.  They made the garage look even more rundown and they weren’t functional for any of our stuff.
This past weekend I managed to cajole Tom into helping me get started on this project that has been nagging at me for years.

We have cinderblock walls in our garage, so mounting any wall systems or hooks is challenging.  The walls were old and stained and covered with cobwebs and dust.  Yuk!

We painted half of the garage.  And put up two shelving units that we bought at The Container Store.  Just painting made the space seem so much fresher and cleaner. And we also bought a few tubs for camping equipment and sports equipment.  It’s so nice having everything organized and stored and off the floor.

Those clean, freshly painted walls make me so happy.  We used paint we had left over from a renovation project, so no cost!

Still to come is the workbench area (I use the term loosely; we are not workbench people).  And more painting.  And more disposing of stuff.

But looking at the part that is done is very motivating.  Onward.