Holiday Preparations

For some reason (am I forgetting something??) I have a little free time these days. But I know the pace will pick up so I decided to get some things done to make my holidays more stress-free.

I hate to admit it, but I am terrible about cleaning out my freezer on a regular schedule.   It has become somewhat of a mess with Mr. DB’s peppers taking up a lot of room, along with some random odds and ends I didn’t want to “waste”.  But I have gotten better at putting a date on the items I freeze which makes it easier to identify and toss old food.  I will probably make a vegetable soup this coming week to get rid of the little bits of frozen vegetables lurking around in the corners.  A good wipe down once it is cleaned out and I am ready to do some cooking and freezing!

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When I have a dinner party I like to spend most of my prep time on the dinner.  That’s the star of the show right?  But that attitude often leaves the appetizer as an afterthought. And you don’t want it to be an afterthought because you are setting the tone for the evening with this first offering.
So I have come up with some easy appetizers, which get everyone in the mood for a fun evening, but are easy to make.

I wanted an appetizer with cucumbers recently because Mr. DB had an outstanding year for them in his garden.  They are so much juicier than any you can buy. I have seen other versions of this recipe but decided to create my own,
smoked salmon on cucumber rounds.

I don’t peel the cucumbers, but you could peel strips off the whole cucumber before slicing them into rounds for a little more interesting presentation.
Then I mix one package of Boursin cheese with a half cup of Greek yogurt (I like Fage 2%).  Drop teaspoonfuls of this mixture onto the cucumber round.  Next top the filling with a piece of smoked salmon.  I cut the salmon slices with scissors.  Finally, top with a sprig of dill.
And that is it.  In under 30 minutes you have a tasty little bite for your guests.

We usually serve some olives and some peanuts or some other nut mix, maybe marcona almonds, as well.   I also love cheese straws or cheese biscuits. 

And of course we have on hand a variety of white and red wines, and booze, with sparkling water and regular water.

I promise with these smoked salmon appetizers your guests will feel cherished and appreciated,  all the things you want them to feel at your home.

Do you have any easy appetizers that you serve at dinner parties?  I’d love to add some new ideas to my repertoire.