What makes a home beautiful is a question most of us wrestle with as we set up our first homes.  Not only beautiful but inviting and warm and functional too, that is what we are aiming for.
It’s hard to bring all of that together, especially on a budget.

I especially wanted to make our home a haven during my husband’s 31 years in the Marine Corps. That meant making a home that was personal to us in many very impersonal spaces, like base housing.
But I actually enjoyed the challenge of making a house feel like our home.  In our community of Marine spouses we shared ideas and skills.  I learned from these resourceful and talented women.
Our three children were getting through college about the same time that my husband retired from active duty.  A new challenge – decorating for the next phase of life!
I could actually buy furniture for a specific spot in my house instead of looking for multi-functional pieces.
We have not moved in 10 years and it has been wonderful to live in one place and work on it over time. I get to see my garden grow.  But it’s not stagnant. No, I still change things around, even the plants.
I am a blog junkie and get so many ideas from blogs.
Blogging brings me into contact with creative, energetic people who inspire me to try new things, to learn and  to have fun.
I hope you find some things on this blog that inspire you to try something new and have fun –