Cleaning Metal Garden Furniture

It’s a given that with outdoor furniture, you have to pay the price of maintenance and upkeep. Without a covered porch our furniture is completely exposed to the elements for 8 months a year. Here in Virginia we have a good bit of rain and thunderstorms, not to mention blazing sun, which can leave your furniture very unappealing to sit on. Cleaning them was a chore, which meant I hardly ever relaxed in my garden. That is until I finally discovered the easiest cleaner that takes the grime away with a swipe.

I know this sounds like a commercial but I am not receiving any compensation when I rave about the great job the Magic Eraser did on my chairs. No elbow grease required; I just wiped them down while pondering how I would decorate my deck when I was done. Within 15 minutes two chairs were clean and sparkling.

Here’s the story on these chairs: they were purchased at a yard sale years ago, with the intention of sanding and spray painting to get them in better shape. I just loved their retro vibe and,typical of me, underestimated the amount of work it would take to make them presentable. After a couple of hours of sanding to no avail I threw in the towel. But a friend told me of a regional business that re-coats metal garden furniture with a professional coating that is solid and glossy and long lasting. It’s been a few years, but I think it cost around a thousand dollars for four chairs. So much for my bargain yard sale find! But completely worth it. And that was another factor in trying to get the chairs clean-I didn’t want to use anything too abrasive that would damage the finish. No worry about that with the Magic Eraser.

I’m excited knowing that with very little effort I have a place to sit and enjoy the backyard. And if ever there was a year I really want to enjoy my yard, this is it.

Our weather in Virginia just became warm enough that we can contemplate going out for flowers and other plants to add seasonal color. Luckily I have some perennials that help bridge the gap until I can get some annuals in my pots and hanging baskets.

I’m working on this corner to make it my zen retreat. Don’t we all need a zen retreat right now? I got my water feature going and moved some things around. Another blog post is coming soon.

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