Family Separations at the Holidays

Well Easter Sunday is certainly going to be different this year. If we can’t go to church and we can’t have an egg hunt or go out to brunch, why not just call the whole thing off? It is somewhat tempting to skip the decorating and fancy cooking when we can’t have the entire family together. I have been here before.

For this is not the first time in my life that I have had to rise to the occasion on a holiday. Our family has had Easters when Mr. Bee was deployed and other Easters when kids were in college and too far to come home. One year we had both those situations at the same time. Even so, it just wasn’t in me to make a frozen pizza and call it a day. I came up with the idea of small scale festivity for these situations. And I was always glad I made the effort.

What is small scale festivity you ask? You figure out what is important to you to celebrate the day. Coloring eggs maybe? Bringing in some spring flowers? Making a nicer than usual dinner? Or a special dessert? Little pleasures soothe the spirit in times of stress and loneliness I have found.

The challenge of this time is to figure out new rituals and celebrations amidst the restrictions of social distancing. Luckily we have technology to help us see and speak with our loved ones. We can gather some flowers and greenery from our garden. We can go to a little extra effort for a meal. These small measures are the bright spots in these fearful times.

We may not look back on Easter 2020 as our most fun. Maybe we will remember it as the Easter we made the best of a difficult time.

How will you celebrate the special occasions while social distancing is in effect?

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