Home For the Time Being

Are you prepared to be home for the duration, however long that is? What does it even mean to be prepared in this unprecedented situation? I can get groceries, and just about anything else, delivered, the library has e-books, we have wi-fi and thus access to entertainment and information. So what is all this hoarding about? Am I missing something?

Most of us are trying to weather the situation as best we can. For us that means staying home and not having contact with anyone, including our children and grandchildren and, especially, Mr. Bee’s 92 year old mother.

While I am home trying to figure out how to be as prepared as possible I have to admit that my emergency preparedness kit is not up to an average emergency. My present system is to have our supply of batteries and other essentials all over the house in various drawers and cabinets. Certainly Mr. Bee can’t find them and even I have trouble remembering where I stashed them. I’m pretty sure I can come up with something better. We need a place to have a week’s (a month’s?) worth of food and water, batteries, a first aid kit, all in one place. Clearing out a space is something I can do right now so that when toilet paper becomes available again, I have a place to put it.

On the creative side, I recently discovered art journaling. Ever since my first online course, I have been drawing and coloring and painting and gluing with abandon. There is no requirement to be good or show others and it has just been a wonderful way to meditate and to think through life’s challenges. An outgrowth of the art journaling has been to start a coronavirus journal to chronicle this extraordinary time we are living in. Perhaps someday my grandchildren will be interested to know how we lived through these days? I include a few headlines from the paper (yes, we still get a hard copy delivered) but this is not meant to be a factual account. I write a few lines about our daily activities, having lunch together, starting a puzzle, the weirdness of the toilet paper shortage/hoarding. That has been a creative and purposeful activity to focus on.

Being at home nonstop, without the distractions of shopping and errands, I see that there is plenty that needs doing. The garden needs tending, closets should be cleaned out and there’s a pile of sewing projects that have been languishing. Wouldn’t it be nice if my home were more tidy and organized when this is all over? Studies show that being productive helps with anxiety. Win-win.

How are you filling your days during this time at home?

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