New Lighting

I have been procrastinating for years on some new lighting in our house. The fact that an electrician would be needed in some instances and I wanted to have him accomplish several projects while he was here was one factor in my procrastination. What projects was he going to do and what fixtures are right for the space, not to mention budget concerns, well I could mull that over for a long time. And I did.

Giving myself a deadline of getting it done before Christmas broke through the freeze. Once I sat down to decide once and for all on the kind of fixtures I wanted, I noticed that when I looked at lighting online and in catalogs I kept going back to the same style. Okay that seems like a decision.

The project that didn’t require an electrician was in the living room. At a dinner party last fall Mr. Bee and I noticed some of our guests were seated in such deep shadows we had trouble seeing their expressions. The shadowy living room had been a problem but this incident brought it to the fore. Time to do something about this situation.

And in this case I did know what I wanted. I’ve always loved the look of two identical lamps bracketing the sofa.

The lamps I chose are from Lamps Plus which offers a wide range of floor lamps in all prices and styles. These were quite moderately priced and were pretty easy to assemble. The modern traditional style compliments the room. But the unknown with buying lamps online is will the actual light be what I need/want? In this case the answer is yes. They provide good light that is not stark. And that is important to us as avid readers.

Most importantly, their subtle glow lights up the corners of the room so that our guests never again need peer out of the shadows.

As you can see I went for the rubbed bronze finish. Bronze just hits that middle level of subtle and traditional.

I spent a lot of January in that sofa corner. Ha!

The next project was to change the light fixtures over my kitchen island. Nine years ago when we added on a larger kitchen, I could not decide on the pendant lighting. We decided to go with these inexpensive pendants that would “do for now”. I just didn’t know what I really wanted.

I must have really disliked these pendants because this is the only picture I can find that contains even the tip of the shade.

The vaulted ceiling allows for substantial fixtures. It’s so hard to visualize how various styles will look. I had Mr. Bee hold up various bowls that were the approximate size to try to get an idea. That at least helped me see that the size would work.

These seeded glass fixtures are also from Lamps Plus.

It hasn’t been the most startling change. But these lights are more to the style of the room so I’m glad I changed them.

I still have those Asian style bar stools though. I found them at a consignment store for a reasonable price. I tried disguising them with covers for the backs. Bar stools are pricey! I do have my eye on some. I need a sale or a coupon.

While I had the electrician here he installed an electrical outlet in a closet so I could plug in my new-ish Dyson cordless vacuum, and also a video doorbell. I wanted the video doorbell so that I can see who is at my door before answering. The neighborhood is safe but it’s just an added security to know who is at your front door.

I am planning to change a few more fixtures but for now it feels good to cross some things off the list.

Do you put off projects too?

I received no compensation in any form for this post.

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