Minimalist Christmas

Do you change up your Christmas decorations from year to year? My answer to that question is yes and no. The primary tree stays pretty much the same. But I do change some areas, just using (mostly) decor that I already have.

For example, the mantel is different every year. Don’t ask me why that particular area demands newness but it does. This year a nature inspired theme was called for. I’ve had these dried pomegranates for over 20 years. One year I rubbed a little gold leaf on them to give them some shine. The greenery is fake and I use it throughout the year in various arrangements on the dining room table or in vases around the house. I gave up on real garland a long time ago. The daily shedding and mess were too much!

Vintage items, especially vintage holiday decor, always speak to me. I found this cute snow people salt and pepper set at an antique store. I think my granddaughters will love this little vignette.

At the same antique mall, I found this unusual reindeer. I’ve never seen one on rockers before. This particular antique mall had so much vintage Christmas that it was overwhelming. None of it was expensive either. I really don’t want the clutter though so I resisted, mostly.

This guy was just too unique to pass up!

The library needs some sparkle and frivolity, which this vintage tree provides. It’s just the right size for a table top tree.

I’m off to a good start. How’s your decorating coming along?

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