Thanksgiving Preparations

As a military spouse I started hosting Thanksgiving dinners early on since we were often away from family for the holiday.  I love the idea of Friendsgiving – in fact military families may have invented the concept-because that is what our circumstances called us to do, create a feast with friends.  Those gatherings were pretty easy since everyone brought a dish or two and they were usually fairly casual, no fine china required.  But then the time came when we wanted to host a more traditional dinner when we were stationed near family or had family visiting us.

Even I, a relaxed kind of planner, knew I needed a real plan to pull off a big holiday event like Thanksgiving.  So every year I would write down my tasks on the days I would accomplish them.  I am a back planner.  I start with the event deadline and work backwards to see where I need to start.  This method has worked pretty well over the years.  This year I created a printable  which I am sharing with you.  Maybe it will give you some ideas or a jumping off point for your own planning.  Plans are kind of individual and personal I think, so look at it as a blueprint.

This printable will get you up to Thanksgiving Day.  Then you are on your own.  Again I back plan, starting with the time I plan for us to sit down at the table.  That time dictates when the turkey goes in the oven, the vegetables get cooked, etc.  It’s like a military operation. Ha!

I’ve added some links which might inspire you as you set up your holiday table.

Thanksgiving 2016

 Serving Pieces to look for at Thrift Stores,

What’s your planning process for Thanksgiving?  Are you methodical and steady, or do you blitzkrieg the day of?


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