Bachelor Apartment

A couple of months ago our son transitioned from living with roommates to living alone.  After searching for a few weeks, he found a small modified one bedroom apartment in a high rise.

Living with roommates, he did not own much furniture beyond a bed, a bookcase and an end table or two.  Luckily for him, his mother is a thrift store shopper and a wannabe interior decorator.  But first, I needed to know what he (my client) was picturing for the space.

 Below are some pictures of his new place on move in day.

The sofa had been in our family room for years.  We recently updated our basement family room and replaced the couch with a sectional.  I was glad to keep it in the family though.  It’s a Pottery Barn sleeper sofa and, still in pretty good shape.

A former balcony was enclosed to make another room, which he will use as a bedroom.

He was barely moved in when these bar stools popped up at my closest thrift store for $20 each.  I texted him to get his thumbs up on the purchase because I knew they would not last.

Here we are in process.

The two of us went on a shopping trip to our local Home Goods. We were hoping to find a rug and maybe a coffee table, some lamps.  There were several rugs that would work in here but we both liked this geometric blue-gray rug.  The table is just the right size for the space.  I enjoyed our shopping so much – we agreed on everything.  I was determined not to impose my aesthetic on him, but I loved what he chose.

But that slipcover is looking awfully old and faded.  It’s dragging the room down.

In the meanwhile we collaborated on the art and pictures.  I found some prints on Etsy and sent them to him to decide which he liked.   After downloading my purchases I went to Fedex Office for the print.  Then, son and I framed the print together using an Ikea frame.  The other photos are from pictures I took on previous beach vacations and framed using thrift store frames.   The large print was purchased from this shop on Etsy.   We were both glad to have an inexpensive project.

It was a shock to discover how expensive Pottery Barn slipcovers are!  The fabrics are beautiful and no doubt they are well made.  But you can buy a brand new sofa for what they cost.  I found this twill slipcover on Amazon for around $350.  That fit our budget.

It is not a perfect fit.  The sofa slipcover is quite snug.  The covers for the cushions are quite loose.  Later we might experiment by putting one of the cushion covers in the dryer to try and shrink it a little.  And yes, it’s white.   It’s what he wanted.

I kept in mind that this is a guy’s place.  He didn’t want a lot of knick-knacks around.

As you enter the apartment, this little niche is on your right.

The mirror is from Target – last one!  The table is from Home Goods.  Tray and vase are from Mom’s stash.

This cabinet used to be in our house and I used it as a bar too.  It’s a little narrow for this wall, but we are considering some options.

I think we will pause in our decorating for now.  He’s been here for three months.  As he goes forward he can notice how he uses the space and decide for himself what to add.  I do the same in my home.  I make a few changes and then live with it for awhile.

Of course I  loved being able to help.  I remember how daunting it was to set up my first place.  If only there had been blogs back then.

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