Halloween Decorating

Old Town Alexandria is a beautiful, historic section of Alexandria Virginia, home to George Washington.  The colonial homes and streets of that era are well preserved, making it a quaint area to stroll around.  There are also plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy.

It’s been a few years since I have visited the area during fall and my memory was one of formal and stately decorating on these lovely old homes.  So imagine my surprise when I saw  some imaginative and playful Halloween decor.  Honestly it brought such life and fun to the neighborhood.  I thought I would share some of my favorites.

bats on door, better

bats on door

Someone took the time to place those little bats very carefully.

dried hydrangea wreath, expanded front, best

This house features the traditional mums and pumpkins, with a beautiful wreath.  Then you notice that skeleton rearing up out of the flower bed.

dried hydrangea wreath, expanded front, best1

This doorway is simply elegant. The small stoop didn’t stop the homeowner from adding style and warmth to the entry.

dried hydrangea wreath, expanded front, best-2

I love the wreath with it’s beautiful loose arrangement.

dried hydrangea wreathFall Exterior, pumpkin wreathFall Exterior

That black and white ribbon on the pumpkin wreath is so fun, not to mention the yellow door! Perfection.

witch by door, another anglewitch by door

Someone is really into Halloween – they already had candy out.

Halloween, witches' legs

Halloween, witches' legs1.jpg

Seeing this fun Halloween decorating makes me want to come up with something fun for our yard or doorway.

Do you decorate for Halloween?






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