Guest Bedroom After Waterproofing

Our guest room has slowly been evolving over the past 7 years.  In its first life, our youngest son claimed it after this part of the house was added on.  It’s spacious and away from the rest of the house, located in the basement.   There was a real hodgepodge of furniture back then which didn’t bother him.  And, new furniture was a luxury item after the addition expenses.  Not to mention I really had no idea what I wanted to do in this room.

Here is a lovely pic of the room’s transition to official guest room after our son got his own place.

The quilt on the bed was a find at Homegoods and my inspiration for the colors in the room.  Over time, a year or so, it morphed slowly into this.

I found the headboard on the curb and recovered it.  There were a few other adjustments here and there.  Then last year I spent a few nights down here while the master bathroom was being renovated.  You can read about my experience here.   Spending a week here forced me to face the fact that we had water seeping into this room that no dehumidifier was going to get rid of.  Sigh.

Well, fast forward six months and  the water issues are resolved at a cost of about $5000 for waterproofing  and then replacing drywall and painting.  An expense like that sure cuts into your decorating budget.  It reminds me of Property Brothers.  There is always a structural problem that has to take priority over the decorative, fun details.  Of course, on TV all issues are miraculously resolved with no visible sacrifice.

Post-waterproofing, below.  After my bad luck with the water issues I had some good luck come my way.

My sweet friend happened to be moving during this time and gave me this lovely hand painted dressing table.

The little chest of drawers matches the dressing table.  It is also hand painted.  I am using the curtains from my office because I am changing things in there.   What serendipity!

Also, I had found that secretary at a local “barn sale” before I knew I was going to have the water expenses.   It adds just the right decorative element and gives me space to display things.  I am still working on this side of the room.  It looks a little bare I think.

I am still playing with these shelves.

The area opposite the bed needs some work.

There is a really old tattered chair under that quilt that I have to make a decision about.

  I have houseguests coming next month so that is my deadline.

Even though I bemoan the expense of waterproofing, it’s a relief to have the issue resolved and to know that my guests will be breathing clean air!

Have you had water issues in your home?  They abound in our hilly area.

‘Hope your weekend is warm and dry,

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