Boho Guest Bedroom Final Reveal

We are done (for now anyway) in sprucing up my daughter’s guest bedroom on a $500 budget.  This post is a little late because we ordered a rug which didn’t arrive until the end of the week.

We are so happy with all the new personality in this room!

Here is a picture of where we began.  You can read more about our process here.

The room already had a lot going for it.  It is a good size and there is a lot of light from that large window.  Also, the furniture is in good shape which gave us a good jumping off point and was the reason we could stay within our budget.  All we had to do was add some color and personality.

When we began discussing how the room should look, I suggested we decide on a color scheme.  Color is one of the most basic ways to create a cohesive look in any room.  We fairly quickly agreed that we like the navy,  blush, chambray combination.  It’s neutral enough for any guest, young or old, male or female.  But it’s neutral with a twist.  And the twist is what makes it interesting.

I knew we had  to prioritize where we were going to spend our money since we had a tight budget. First and foremost we had to have curtains and curtains that fit the window. My obsession for curtains might be considered old-fashioned, but I love the feeling when I draw the curtains at night that I am shutting out the world and settling into my cocoon.  Especially in the bedroom you want that cozy embrace.

  We chose a basic set of navy panels from Wayfair.  I would have kept the ones we had, except there was not enough room in the hem to let them out as much as they needed.  Also, lately I prefer solid color curtains because they provide warmth without detracting from other aspects of the decor.

Secondly, the bedding was a good place to add color and personality. The bed is the focal point of a bedroom, right?  Luckily Lilly had the chambray sheets so we didn’t need to invest in a new set. I added the pillowcases with the graphic design and the throw pillows and blush throw, all from Target.

The lamps from Homegoods were a stroke of luck.  Identical lamps that are the right size and color?  That never happens.

  In case your forgot this is what was there previously.

The art came next.  I mean everyone knows you’ve got to have something over the headboard.  Just in the nick of time came a post from Emily Henderson about lots of sources for affordable art.  You can find my post about that here.

Okay, that side of the room is looking much more welcoming, but what about the wall opposite the bed?  A little too minimalist I think.

Well, we must be living right because we found exactly the right thing at TJ Maxx.   I knew I wanted a round mirror since there are a lot of squares and rectangles in this room.

The corner shelf was a lucky find for $15 at a thrift store. Between the two of us we had enough books, pictures and other accessories to fill it up.  I always like to add some books and magazines in a guest room, not only to make it more homey, but also in case your guests need some diversion or relaxation.

This rug breaks up the expanse of carpet and adds a little of that boho vibe we were going for with its vibrant color.  And plants were an obvious choice.

One more before and after:

I’m certainly looking forward to my next sleepover in this warm and cozy room!  Below is the breakdown on our expenses.  We came out at $466.94.

curtains – Wayfair, $80.76/pillowcases, Target, 14.40/blue decorative pillow, Target, 16/fur decorative pillow, Target, 16.99/lamps, Homegoods, 60 (both)/mirror, TJ Maxx, 42.99/pink throw, Target, 35.81/art frames, Micheal’s, 52(both)/art, Printable studio, 13/Print art, Fedex office, 4/rug, Wayfair, 105/plant, grocery store, 14.99/shelf, thrift store, 15

Does this give you some ideas for fixing up any rooms in your house?


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