Make an Indoor Garden Tote for houseplant and flower care

Have you ever seen some of those stately homes that have a room for flower arranging?  The potting room, as it’s called, has shelves for all of your vases, a big counter, even a sink?  And of course that’s where you would keep your flower shears and frogs and the necessary tools for arranging beautiful bouquets.

Well, I can only dream of such a room.  But I do have a place for my tools for flower arranging and for grooming my houseplants. Some years ago my sister gave me this little garden tote.


The bag came with a couple of miniature trowels and rakes, maybe even clippers.  Some of those things have been misplaced and replaced with other tools.  The small size makes it easy to keep in a drawer in my kitchen.

Here is what I keep in the bag now.

Having all of my tools close at hand makes it so quick and easy to arrange flowers and greenery.  And if it’s quick and easy, I am more likely to do it.  In fact, if I have to look for the tools, I lose the karma and just give up.

I also keep the plant food spikes for my houseplants, those little shot glasses are for watering orchids and my gloves for any little quick fixes.

These pockets on the outside make it simple to find the exact implement I need.

If you sew you could easily make a little carrier like this one.  But there are other options.  Here are a few I found, just looking around at various stores.

This basket is from the thrift store for 2.99.


These canvas totes are from Micheal’s, 3 for 5.99.

This straw purse was 3.00 at Goodwill.

This little basket is so cute. I almost bought it even though I don’t need it. It was 5.99 at another thrift store.

It almost looks as if it was made for holding gardening supplies/tools.

Once you find the perfect holder, just add the tools and other items you need to tend to your plants.  I get my floral tape and wire from Joann’s. The other tools I have added over the years.  Usually about this time of year TJ Maxx and Marshalls have cute gardening trowels and clippers. 

It’s my potting room in a tote!

Have a great week!

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