Neglect and Dirt I noticed while Prepping for Guests

We belong to a group that takes turns hosting a dinner party every month.  Our turn hosting is this Saturday so I have been trying to do a little prep every day to get ready.

As I prepare to have friends over,  I start seeing my rooms as my guests see them and then  all the little imperfections come to light.   But if I don’t get this vision until the day of the party, as sometimes happens, then I feel overwhelmed with little cleaning or decorating details that are tangential to the party.

For example, I have had a dead plant in the living room for a couple of weeks now.  It’s totally brown.  I could have just taken it out of the room, but that spot needs a plant.  So, today, when I was buying flowers for the table, I bought a replacement plant.  It looks so much better, of course.

One of my candles in the lanterns on the front step had dead batteries, now replaced. There always various tasks that I will “get to when I have time”, i.e. water rings on the bar, that keep getting put off until I realize I will be embarrassed for others to see my lackadaisical approach to upkeep.  I guess I need a party to motivate me to do these little chores.  And I am still sweeping Christmas greenery out of the corners.

I created a printable  Dinner Party To-Dos (1) that helps me stay organized and on track of the little chores that go with having friends over.  I thought you might like it too!

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