Boho Guest Bedroom Makeover

As I mentioned in this post, I am working with my daughter to spruce up her guest bedroom.  It’s a room she just hasn’t had time to tackle and I thought it would be fun to see what we could do for $500.

As you can see we have the basics: a bed, nightstands, lamps.

Lilly and I both like the boho vibe and while this furniture doesn’t necessarily suggest that, I think we can work around it.  Since the sleigh bed is pretty traditional I plan to use the bedding and some pillows to bring in the modern feel.

And then as I was contemplating what we would do for art,  this blog post regarding inexpensive art popped up in my feed from  Emily Henderson.  I love her blog; there are so many great pictures and ideas and ideas for decorating on a budget.   And she lets her funny personality come through in her writing so it’s just entertaining to read.

I found so much to love in that post but settled on some prints from The Printable Studio.  There is a variety of art and we had a hard time deciding on just two prints.  But we finally chose these two.

I had already bought frames at Michael’s (40% off) so I knew I needed the size to be 11×14.  Roseanne at The Printable Studio was very accommodating and had the files to me within minutes.  There is a Fedex Office nearby so I went there for my printing.  I selected white cardstock in a matte finish.  They turned out great.

Here they are framed in the Michael’s frames.  The total cost for both pictures is $65.50.  I’m excited to see how they will look in the room.

And I am excited by this new discovery of how easy it is to have great art that is affordable.  I have a lot of plans for some new art in my house.

I will have an update on the bedroom makeover later this week so check back here to see the progress.

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