Boho Guest Bedroom Makeover

As I mentioned in this post, I am working with my daughter to spruce up her guest bedroom.  It’s a room she just hasn’t had time to tackle and I thought it would be fun to see what we could do for $500.

As you can see we have the basics: a bed, nightstands, lamps.

Lilly and I both like the boho vibe and while this furniture doesn’t necessarily suggest that, I think we can work around it.  Since the sleigh bed is pretty traditional I plan to use the bedding and some pillows to bring in the modern feel.

And then as I was contemplating what we would do for art,  this blog post regarding inexpensive art popped up in my feed from  Emily Henderson.  I love her blog; there are so many great pictures and ideas and ideas for decorating on a budget.   And she lets her funny personality come through in her writing so it’s just entertaining to read.

I found so much to love in that post but settled on some prints from The Printable Studio.  There is a variety of art and we had a hard time deciding on just two prints.  But we finally chose these two.

I had already bought frames at Michael’s (40% off) so I knew I needed the size to be 11×14.  Roseanne at The Printable Studio was very accommodating and had the files to me within minutes.  There is a Fedex Office nearby so I went there for my printing.  I selected white cardstock in a matte finish.  They turned out great.

Here they are framed in the Michael’s frames.  The total cost for both pictures is $65.50.  I’m excited to see how they will look in the room.

And I am excited by this new discovery of how easy it is to have great art that is affordable.  I have a lot of plans for some new art in my house.

I will have an update on the bedroom makeover later this week so check back here to see the progress.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Post Holiday Doldrums:  it’s a thing.  I have been in the throws of a huge case of lassitude since January 2.  This lack of energy did allow me to read 4 books, which is fine, but not much else is getting accomplished.

I saw a way out of my funk when I was over at my daughter’s house a few days ago.   She and her husband moved into their new home about 10 months ago, then welcomed their first child a few months later.  With jobs and school and a new baby there has been no time or energy for fussing with their guest bedroom.

This is the furniture and curtains from their previous home.  It is a nice sized room, and the furniture is solid and functional.

We decided to set a budget of $500 for fixing up the room.  I can honestly remember a time when allotting $500 for a guest bedroom would have seemed frivolous and even wasteful.  But, we wanted to see how far we could go with this budget.  Since we have the furniture, it seems like we can do a lot.

These are my inspiration photos.  We are going for a boho, collected look that seems particularly appropriate for a guest bedroom.  Guest bedrooms are often repositories for our cast off furniture and decor, saving us from spending money on a room that is not in constant use.  But of course we don’t want it to look like a store room, so we need a plan to make it look cohesive and inviting.

I actually started off with Emily Henderson’s bedroom makeover (below), with most of the bedding and decor items from Target.  A lot of it is on sale and you may recognize a few odds and ends in our After photos.

I think the addition of pink in the throws gives a warmth and coziness that is so important in a bedroom.  I do like the pink paired with navy to contrast and keep it from looking too girly.

A few more photos of the room from a different point of view.

We intend to try and replace at least one of the nightstands if not both and find some lamps with a little more personality.  And of course we need some nice art above the bed.

Hopefully we will be able to find an affordable dresser that fits this space better.  That might be our most expensive item.  An alternative to a longer dresser is to add a chair or stool to the side of this dresser.

We are off to a good start.  I have purchased some bedding and new curtains which will make an immediate impact.

Meet me back here next week for a progress report!