Holiday Preparations

For some reason (am I forgetting something??) I have a little free time these days. But I know the pace will pick up so I decided to get some things done to make my holidays more stress-free.

I hate to admit it, but I am terrible about cleaning out my freezer on a regular schedule.   It has become somewhat of a mess with Mr. DB’s peppers taking up a lot of room, along with some random odds and ends I didn’t want to “waste”.  But I have gotten better at putting a date on the items I freeze which makes it easier to identify and toss old food.  I will probably make a vegetable soup this coming week to get rid of the little bits of frozen vegetables lurking around in the corners.  A good wipe down once it is cleaned out and I am ready to do some cooking and freezing!

Also, while I’m on a roll I may as well give the oven a good clean.  Most of us have self-cleaning ovens these days, but I still don’t seem to get around to actually getting it done.  Having a clean oven will (hopefully) motivate me to wipe up spills and try to maintain it for a couple of months.

I mentioned in last week’s post my plans to make my hot pepper jelly and I was surprised that it really took very little time – about 2 hours.  In addition to using this jelly as a topping for cream cheese, it is delicious as an ingredient in a glaze  for salmon fillets such as in this recipe from America’s Test Kitchens.

And now is a good time to see if you can locate those rarely used items:  twine (for trussing up those turkey legs), cheesecloth and the baster and gravy separator.  I can use some updates on these basics.

Product Details         Product Details


It is not too early to buy some of those ingredients you know you will need on  Thanksgiving.  One year I waited until the last minute to buy cranberries and I had to go to 3 stores to find some!  Go ahead and buy them now and freeze them#peace of mind.  Also, a secret ingredient I use in my gravy is Heinz Roasted Turkey Gravy.  And it is not so secret because frequently I am buying the last two jars!  I add this jar of gravy to my homemade gravy for a flavor boost.  It’s really delicious and I will be buying mine this week.

What are your tips for making sure your holidays are less stressful and more enjoyable?



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