Ideas for A Memorable Halloween



I have never been one to throw a Halloween party.  But I was almost tempted when I saw these great appetizer ideas.  Then I realized they would be good for any type of gathering. Doesn’t  pumpkin seed cashew crunch sound delicious?

Cocktail Recipes:  these, too are good for any party situation, but you might want to remove the “eyeballs” if it’s a Christmas party.

Jillian Harris Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Truth be told, I bought some candy corn thinking I would add it to my decor.  But after reading this article, I don’t even want it in the house.  I will stick with my kitkat bars, which aren’t particularly decorative or healthy but at least they aren’t toxic.
This site has a lot of costume ideas, including costumes kids can make themselves and costumes for couples.

HGTV has so many great decor ideas in this post.  Many of these suggestions are easy and budget-friendly.  They even got me inspired to do more than sit out my pumpkins (uncarved).

I admit that it is a little hard to get motivated for Halloween when you don’t have kids at home.  But I find it’s always worth the effort.  I get started decorating I find myself getting in the spirit and doing more than I intended.  And when the littlest trick or treaters come around, their excitement is so contagious, it just makes me smile.


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