Our Trip to Italy

Mr. DB and I returned last week from a 10 day trip to Italy, which had been on our someday list for years.  We started serious planning for this trip back in the early summer.
We started in Rome and saw all the usual sites:  the Vatican, the Coliseum and Forum, Trevi Fountain, etc.
But, what charmed me the most were the quaint little towns and villages surrounding Florence.
Tuscany, made famous, of course, by books like Under the Tuscan Sun, does not disappoint.  Around every curve in the road was a breathtaking view of cypresses and wineries and olive orchards.  Each little town looked too perfect to be real.
The narrow, curvy streets were so interesting to wander around – you never knew what awaited you around the corner.  Cashmere shawls and wraps, along with leather goods were plentiful in every town.

There were a lot of bike riders on every road, which is impressive because it is very hilly.
After wandering those narrow streets, nothing is better than sitting down with a glass of wine from the region.


We saw so many of these old doors with gorgeous weathered wood and the heavy iron door knockers.


I got such a kick out of their little vehicles (good for narrow streets).  They almost looked like toys.  And this bright orange color is so cute!



Roosters still seem au courant in Tuscany.






I showed Tom this idea of growing a trellis over a doorway.  It’s similar to something I would like to do over our garage.  It adds such beauty and softness.





Travel is refreshing and inspiring in so many ways.  What I enjoyed the most  was being able to live in the moment, taking the time to appreciate  beautiful views, absorb the majesty of centuries old cathedrals, enjoying delicious meals.
Italy really is a feast for the senses and I don’t think I would ever get tired of it.

Can you bring your vacation home?  Well, I’m inspired to try and recreate a few pasta dishes  and find some of that same wine at my local store.  And maybe incorporating some rustic charm in my decor?  But no roosters.


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