I have gone back and forth on wreaths.  In my younger days I loved them – they seemed so welcoming!  Then I saw them as too country and not my style at all.

But this week I took a photography class which took us to the most classic and beautiful historic area, Old Town Alexandria.  There were some doors that rekindled my appreciation of wreaths.


I just love the loose natural feeling of this wreath.

And this door is perfect with the juxtaposition of yellow door and orange wreath, and black and white bow.

Now wreaths are classic.


Then I was looking through the Pottery Barn catalog and found these beautiful wreaths.

Live Orange Harvest Wreath

I also like this one.

Live Rustic Coxcomb Wreath

There were several other beautiful ones, but these are my favorites.

Isn’t it funny how you can go back and forth on some decor?



Our Trip to Italy

Mr. DB and I returned last week from a 10 day trip to Italy, which had been on our someday list for years.  We started serious planning for this trip back in the early summer.
We started in Rome and saw all the usual sites:  the Vatican, the Coliseum and Forum, Trevi Fountain, etc.
But, what charmed me the most were the quaint little towns and villages surrounding Florence.
Tuscany, made famous, of course, by books like Under the Tuscan Sun, does not disappoint.  Around every curve in the road was a breathtaking view of cypresses and wineries and olive orchards.  Each little town looked too perfect to be real.
The narrow, curvy streets were so interesting to wander around – you never knew what awaited you around the corner.  Cashmere shawls and wraps, along with leather goods were plentiful in every town.

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My Notables

Recently I was reading an article in which the author declared that someone had “great taste”.  I usually think that it is the wealthy who are said to have great taste because they can afford the best of everything.  That certainly helps, doesn’t it?  I then wondered,  is taste something one is born with or can you learn it?  I never got very far along on these musings (I never do) but that’s okay, because The New York Times tackled the subject this week in the article Is Good Taste Teachable?
The good news for most of us not born with impeccable taste is yes and the article covers ways of developing this talent.The same section of the Times had this highly entertaining article about having a good friend who is a professional interior decorator help with decorating your space.


Emily Henderson is a spokesperson for the new Frame TV by Samsung.  Watch her video of a greenhouse makeover using the Frame here.  When the Frame TV is off there are multiple choices of art for the screen so that it looks like a framed piece of art.  It solves the problem that every decorator has fretted over for years: how to hide the TV.  It turns out the answer is, in plain sight.

Frame Tv

I am definitely planning to try some of these easy recipes.

And a library that will make every reader jealous!

Have a great weekend!