Now that I have a nice new bathroom I want it to stay beautiful (no clutter on the counters!) and function as efficiently as possible. 
Since Mr. DB and I are empty nesters, we each have our own bathroom, which is such a luxury.  I  am able to set up this room to suit only me.

After careful thought, I decided not to have a medicine cabinet in here. I know you don’t see them in beautiful bathrooms these days, but there are some acceptable ones out there.  Ultimately I decided I wanted a beautiful mirror (I have a temporary one while I’m looking).  All the more reason to maximize the space in the vanity.  I found a few ideas on the internet.
I like this idea of placing a corner shelf under the sink in order to use some of that vertical space in this area.  This got me to wondering about other small shelves that could be placed in here.

I found a few good ideas on this website: One Crazy House.  Using the vanity doors keeps you from having to stoop and peer into the dark recesses of the cabinet. This hanging pocket organizer enables you to grab what you need quickly.

This tiered lazy susan is a good use of space as well.

I Heart Organizing is such a good resource for ideas on organizing.  I’m thinking of adding contac paper to the drawers.  It does add something.

I will definitely be using this idea from Martha Stewart of affixing cups to the door for toothbrushes and toothpaste and hairbrushes.  These are the items that always litter my counter!

As I was browsing websites and blogs for ideas I noticed that the blogs had practical, DIY ideas that are easy to adapt to your space while the websites for magazines had pictures of beautiful bathrooms, which often involved a renovation or a carpenter or an extremely skilled DIY person.  I love how blogs keep it real.

Anyway, with these ideas in mind I went off to The Container Store and voila!  I found these acrylic cups (they had lids, which I set aside).  They have a flat side which I attached to the door with Command strips.

I had purchased this organizer for a desk drawer and then never used it. I may change it later but it is doing the job now.

The hairdryer is easy to access on a Command hook on the door.  You can’t see it but I used one of those large cord clips from The Container Store to secure the cord.

My make-up is in these acrylic holders that I used in the old bathroom.  I’m not sure if I will stay with this arrangement but I’m glad to have it out of sight.

And that is my small start to getting things organized in here.  I will live with it for awhile before I make any other adjustments.

While I was at The Container Store I bought a few things to organize under Mr. DB’s sink.  He needed an upgrade.  More on that later.

There has been no word about my shower door, which I am waiting for.  Oh well, it’s not as if I don’t have a place to shower.

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