Our master bathroom renovation is almost done; we are down to the last little bits.
One of those last bits as you can see from the picture is the shower door, or in our case a shower partition.
Our bathroom is so narrow, barely 4 feet wide, that we decided to have a glass partition instead of a door.  I really hope I don’t find water all over the bathroom after my first shower.   I will let you know.

Anyway, this is what we started with:  a 1960 yellow tiled bathroom.

I made a few half attempts at modernizing, meaning I painted the walls.  I then gave up until I could afford the gut job that it needed.
It felt so good when all of that old dated tile was removed.

I chose a long subway tile in gloss white for the shower.  The longer tile adds a nice modern feel.  
And a gray and white penny tile for the shower floor, all grouted in dove gray.  I wasn’t sure whether to go lighter or darker gray.  I ended up going lighter and I’m glad.

I don’t have strong opinions about every little aspect of a renovation.  But there are always one or two things that are must-haves.
In this case, the vanity selection was of utmost importance.  I knew I had to have drawers in the vanity.  Drawers make it so much easier to organize and find your products without standing on your head.
Remember how narrow my bathroom is?  It’s barely 4 feet, which meant the vanity could be no deeper than 18″.  Let me tell you, that really narrows your selection#pun intended.
It took some doing, but my contractor found one, and at Home Depot no less.
Alas, it had a beige countertop#that won’t work.
But we found another vanity with a white countertop in the same size and were able to switch them out.  Yay!

If you remember my before picture the previous vanity had doors enclosing a  cavern of space that was impossible to use efficiently.  Believe me, I tried.

The mirror is okay.  It came with the vanity and I had the contractor put it up until I find something I like better.  I hope it doesn’t take 5 years.
The wall color is Dovetail by Sherwin Williams.  I really love how it makes the white tiles and fixtures stand out.

You can see from the above picture the other details that are waiting to be completed: wall plates, trim by those drawers.

I think I need new towels for my fancy new space!
‘Back next week with the finished space.

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