Due to the master bathroom renovation,  I have been sleeping in our basement guest room.  Moving down here, I wondered how I would like it.  I suspected I might find that a few improvements could be made.  After all, I’ve never spent a night in my basement in 18 years of living here.


I will just say that the experience has not been all I had hoped for.

First, and worst, there was an odor.  You would think I’d notice an odor when preparing the room for my guests.  But prolonged exposure to a room exposes things like mustiness.  We have had quite a bit of rain lately which caused me to wonder if the smell was caused by mildew.  Anyway, off I went to the hardware store to buy Damp-rid to see if that will help.  And I am looking into the purchase of a dehumidifier, like this one.


Secondly, one of the lamp shades was shredding.  Somehow I had previously failed to notice the long threads hanging down, wafting like cobwebs.  That went into the trash and a new one was purchased the next day.  
And, speaking of cobwebs, I knew this to be a problem in the basement.  Except I somehow missed a couple in the windowsills.  Yeah.

If I was staying in someone’s guest room and saw cobwebs and shredded lampshades, I might wonder what else had not been taken care of?#head bowed in shame
Another (number 4) problem I noticed was how completely dark the basement is at night.  Having a few nightlights around is such an easy, thoughtful way to help your guests find their way in the dark.  These electric plates have LED lights on the bottom that are effective and unobtrusive.  They were easy to install too!

Living in this room gave me the time to really look at the decor and assess the feel of the space.  Some of the furniture and the art has an old, hand me down, feel to it.  While I had made a few feeble attempts at modernizing and updating I had not gone far enough.  That chest below is outta here.  Wouldn’t a nice upholstered bench look good at the foot of the bed?

This mini kitchen is located outside the guest bedroom.  I do have some chocolates in the that jar, but how about a few other snacks, like cookies or pretzels?

I made a big push to polish this area a couple of years ago.  I think I probably did my usual “get it almost to the finish line, then get excited about another project”.  Sheesh.  I don’t want to think about the fact that I have had some guests here in the meanwhile.

Lastly,  spending time down here on a regular basis will not only bring life to this area,  but will also help us notice and correct the deficiencies. 

Do you have some neglected, rarely used areas of your house that need attention?

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