THE DECORATOR BEE GETS MOTIVATED to organize under the kitchen sink

One reason I love to read blogs is for the  pictures (of course!) but also for ideas  I can use in my home. For ideas I can use I have my favorite go-to blogs, those that inspire me so completely that I get up from the computer right then and go try to create the very effect that I have just read about.

One such blog that always inspires me is IheartOrganizing.  Her before pictures are my idea of organized. 
When I saw this post on under the sink organizing I was immediately motivated. Again, in my world, her before picture looks pretty good.  But, of course, the after is so much better.
When I saw this post, I immediately wanted to create my version, under my kitchen sink.
Since I don’t have quite the same needs I knew mine would be a bit different. Also, I wanted to try and use organizers that I already had without buying anything new.
I was so ready to get going that I forgot to take a picture of the true before with all its chaos.  But here is a picture of the cleaned out cabinet.  You can see that the cabinet floor is damaged from a couple of leaks. 
The plumber did mention that it is optimal to have some air flow in this area.  Thus I do not keep a lot of cleaning supplies here, only the essentials.

Since I had a spare roll of contact paper from another project I used that to cover the cabinet floor.  

The bin on the side has worked well for organizing my dishwasher pods and trash bags, extra sponges. It fits the space just right, spanning the depth of the cabinet and allowing that air flow.

 I spray painted an old round tray white and use that to organize other cleaning products and brushes.  It is easy to grab from there when I need anything.

Keeping the dishwasher pods in the large glass jar is a helpful visual reminder when I am running low and need to add this item to my grocery list.  Same with the trash bags; I see the roll dwindling and add it to the list.

My favorite tip in the IheartOrganizing post was this one:  adding the clear plastic spice rack to the door with the command hooks.  This idea can be used in so many places, like bathrooms, cupboards, closets.  Not that I have done that, but I could.
This little project only took a morning to complete.  I had to run to The Container Store for the spice rack and that took the most time.

So that was one blog inspiration that motivated me to improve an area that I use every day.  I did this a few weeks ago and it still gives me satisfaction every time I go into that cabinet.

See the IheartOrganizing post on organizing under the kitchen sink here.

Have you ever been inspired by a blog post to do something similar in your house?  I’d love to see your pictures!

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