This and That

I recently had some free time which allowed me to indulge in my favorite hobby of thrift store browsing.  As many have said, shopping at thrift stores is akin to being on a treasure hunt, you don’t know what you will find.
I usually have a somewhat vague list of items I would like to find, but I’m always open to the unexpected.
I thought I would share a few of those unexpected finds from my recent excursion.

I can never pass up an urn of any type.  I knew this lovely blue vase would add charm to so many spaces in my house.  It’s perfect holding the purpley blue hydrangeas from the garden.

I’ve actually had these bottles for awhile.  I got the inspiration to use them in this old candlebox while watching an episode of “Fixer Upper”.  Joanna did something similar with a cute hanging rack.

I collected the small bottles because I wanted to try the sea glass paint by Krylon.  The paint worked pretty well but I never found a satisfying way to display the bottles.  Until now that is.  Thanks Joanna!

Am I the only one that would like to see more of Joanna’s styling and less of Chip’s clowning around?  We see so much of the demolition and construction, but not nearly enough of the styling process to suit me.

This last find may not be as exciting to everyone as it was to me.  I have been on the lookout for any Thomas Keller cookbook every since some friends recommended them.  I hate to spend $50 on a cookbook so I was delighted to find this one for $3.99.  

I enjoy the way these inexpensive purchases motivate me to refresh my space a bit.
And, hopefully, the cookbook will motivate me to try some new dishes.

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