How to Make a Tomato Sandwich

Mr. DB is  deep into the best part of the garden season, the harvest.  He recently brought home our first homegrown tomatoes of 2017.  That called for the first tomato sandwich of the year.

You might be thinking how hard can this be?  A tomato sandwich sounds pretty simple.  But, as with any recipe, ingredients matter.

Tomato sandwiches must be made with white bread, which I typically do not buy.  But when I do buy it I prefer Pepperidge Farm white.  It has firmness and doesn’t turn to mush from the juiciness of the tomatoes.

Everyone has their favorite mayonnaise.
I grew up with Hellmann’s and so I think it’s the best.  I use their Light mayo and I love it.
Both sides of the bread should be covered generously with the mayo.  
Mr. DB is having bacon on his sandwich.  I am a purist today, tomatoes only.

Don’t forget to salt your tomatoes.

Back in the day our sandwiches were accompanied by large glasses of sweet tea.  Today, we settled for sparkling water.

I’d love to hear how you make your tomato sandwich.  I’m sure there are many variations, probably all good.

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