Fourth of July

For some reason the Fourth of July always sneaks up me.  It seems as if summer has just gotten underway and then suddenly it’s the Fourth.

This year I have a good reason for my distraction.  We are new grandparents!  Our little granddaughter Hailey was born last week.  I’ve been spending every spare moment staring at her.  I will share a few pics later but today I am focusing on the Fourth, since my family (including Hailey) will be here to celebrate.

 I have been getting out some of my red, white and blue in preparation – at least I will have the decor in place!  Well, maybe I will.  I can be so indecisive on these things sometimes.  But I did set up a non-alcoholic beverage area in the dining room.  I will add an ice bucket later.

I almost forgot my flags!

We will certainly play some games.  Have you ever tried ladder  ladder golf?

This game is truly fun for all ages.  We have had our game for years and no party is complete without playing a couple of rounds.

It’s supposed to be almost 90 here on the Fourth!  I’m not sure how long we will be outside.

I’m still working out my menu.  I have changed my potato salad recipe a bit and I will share that tomorrow.  I’m definitely having potato salad though.  And Mr. DB’s cucumbers are coming in so we may have a cucumber salad too.

I will let you know our final menu.  What do you cook on the Fourth?  Do you always make the same thing or mix it up each year?

*This post contains affiliate links.  See my disclosure policy here.

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