Baby Shower Fun

We had a fun weekend that included a couple of milestone events.  There was a 90th birthday celebration for my mother in law, followed the next day by a baby shower for my daughter.  Holding the events on the same weekend allowed the out of town relatives to attend both parties.
We held the baby shower at my house and I spent last week on all the last minute details.
But we got very very lucky because my daughter won a raffle for a dessert table.  A very talented co-worker of hers is a part time caterer who is seeking to expand her business.  The desserts were incredible to behold.

They were almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.  They were delicious!

We had a few savory treats as well, which did not seem to get in the pictures.  Oh well, pictures of sandwiches are not all that interesting anyway.  We ordered them from Wegmans and they were so good.

Cupcakes arranged in the shape of an initial.  And check out those candy apples!

One of Lilly’s friends planned some fun activities:  an adorable alphabet book made by the guests and a guess the due date calendar.  For the alphabet book, each guest took a letter, drew a picture and wrote the word below.  What a wonderful keepsake this book will become.

There were so many wonderful gifts to start this new baby girl on her way, from the artistic to the practical.

We are feeling quite thankful for this generous and loving group of family and friends.  

The due date is 4 weeks away!

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