Living Room Updates

I have a theory that all homes have problem spots:  odd corners or walls that we just don’t know how to handle.
I have one such space in my living room.  There is a wall that sits between two doorways.
This is how it looks today.
I tried all kinds of different tables, chairs, styles and arrangements to fill the area.

Because the living room is somewhat narrow and long, I was worried about making this side of the room bulky and crowded.  So I ended up with bare and spare.

I was stuck.  I could not figure out what to do.  Even browsing Pinterest and magazines turned up no inspiration.

Until I found this console table, on an antiquing trip with my sister.

It fits the space very well, and is low enough to use as a side table.  I have been playing around with the decor on it since last summer when I bought it.

With the console in place I was able to decide on the art and the other finishing touches.  Although, what am I saying, I’m far from finished.  I want to update the lamp on the console, add some more art and tweak the decor a bit.

I am getting there though, bit by bit.

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