Dining Room Chairs

I have been looking for dining room chairs for years now.  One reason it’s taken years is that I didn’t really know what I wanted. 
I saved a few pins, some pictures from blogs.  I looked at thrift stores thinking that if I found a bargain, something I could paint or recover, then that would be great.
And I had these chairs (below), which I had found mostly at thrift stores, so I had something.  I mean I wasn’t desperate for chairs. I recovered the seats so they tied in with the carpet.

But I really wanted to lighten up the traditional look in this room.

And then one day I was browsing our neighborhood site and found a listing for six Pottery Barn parsons chairs for $200.  A couple of emails later, they were in my car.
A few of the chairs had some stains, which the seller pointed out.  I knew I wanted slipcovers anyway so that wasn’t a problem

At least it wasn’t until I started looking for slipcovers online.  There were so many choices and a wide variation in price too.  The Pottery Barn covers were the most pricey that I came across.

I wanted something quickly since we were having family and friends for Easter dinner. 
Finally I settled on these from Overstock.

These six slipcovers are under $100.  I like the tailored look from the front of the chair.  I am not so sure about that loose fit/look from the back, which is the part that shows most of the time.
Maybe washing them would take some of the slack out of them?

I’ve decided to keep them for now.  I will probably keep looking, but it wouldn’t hurt to have two sets of slipcovers anyway.

Sometimes the answer is to just live with it for awhile.  I feel like these slipcovers bought me some time to mull over my next step.  ‘Hope it doesn’t take years.

There have been a few changes in the living room also.  I’ll be posting about that later this week.

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