Why I Quit my Housekeeper

When Tom and I talked about getting a housekeeper, I was conflicted  because there are only two of us and how dirty can things get with two adults?  Since it isn’t cheap (my housekeeper made more per hour than I do) I had to really think about it.
Tom was all for it, so I decided to give it a try.  After all, someone else to scrub toilets and the bathtub?  What’s not to love?

I was surprised to find that my cleaning lady and I  had different cleaning styles.  I didn’t even know I had a cleaning style.  I mean, no one has ever exclaimed about how clean my house is.  But, it seems that I do have my preferences for products and some methods.  She, understandably prefers stronger (i.e. more chemical-type) products, while I try to go for the less toxic, but also effective ones. Both of us were flexible.  She ended up liking some of my cleaners and I liked how hers made my bathroom sparkle.

Also I slowly realized that I felt distanced from my house.  Cleaning makes me notice the little things that need repairing or replacing.  For example, when I clean the bathroom, I put out fresh hand towels, refill soap dispensers.  When I wasn’t the one cleaning the bathroom these things were not done on a regular basis.  I know, I could re-train myself, but somehow it just didn’t happen. 

When I clean I throw out and get rid of stuff.  You come across things you had forgotten about, realize you haven’t used it in years and right into the thrift store bag it goes.  Or into the trash, in the case of those bottles of lotion with a quarter inch in them.  

Having someone else do my cleaning made me lazy.  Lazy about cleaning up after myself, about taking care of something right away.  Yes, I would clean up the kitchen after cooking, but not completely.  I left the stovetop for Florrie, even though it might be a week before she came again.  I know.

Ultimately, it just seemed wasteful to have someone do what I am capable of doing and have the time to do.
Tom loves to vacuum and clean mirrors.  He also does toilets.  Between the two of us, it’s not so onerous a job.

My house probably isn’t as clean as it was when I had a cleaning lady, but we are more attuned to each other.  And basically I am a DIYer at heart.

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