Front Entry Update

I have been working on the curb appeal of our 1960 ranch house since we purchased it in 1999.  Small progress has been made, but I’m discouraged that I am not further along than this.  

The picture below was taken around 2008.  We had the stone walkway installed soon after purchasing the house because our old sidewalk was uneven and ugly.

We had a new front door installed, purchased longer shutters and added a few more shrubs around the front door.  And we went with black as our accent color.

It seems like there’s a burst of activity, then a pause while we figure out our next move.

Some inertia can be explained because it took years to talk Tom into having a tree cut down.  As you can see by the stump in the yard, I finally prevailed, but it was a decade long campaign.  You can see more about this side of the house and the progress made, here.

 That little landing is, well, little. I always want to decorate, but I also want my guests to be able to get in the door.
This is how it looked last fall.  

I like the tall planters with ferns, but I had also been eyeing these lanterns from Pottery Barn.  We decided to get them as our Christmas presents to each other last year.

I have been playing around with Photoshop to see what other improvements could be made to this area.
A pretty camellia bush would fit in beside the railing.  While I don’t hate my old light fixture, this one certainly adds some needed updating and it coordinates with the lanterns.

How about a prettier door mat and this old world style planter by the railing?
I’m enjoying playing with Photoshop.  I signed up for the 9.99 a month option.

The side by side comparisons are helpful in seeing the progress made and figuring out the direction I want to go.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what I should do next.  It’s such a small space, but that is the problem.  I want it to look elegant and inviting, not overly decorated.  I guess some mulling of options is called for now.

Enjoy your weekend!

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