Stocking Stuffers for the men on your list

There have been years when I got so stressed over the stockings. I wanted them to have fun, cute little surprises, unexpected delights in miniature.
When kids are little, this is pretty easy.  But as they get older, no surprise, it gets harder#more expensive.  And when they are male, it’s even more difficult.
But over the years I have come up with a formula that seems to work.  It’s a mixture of the tried and true with the unexpected.

Certain items are always included.   Candy is a no-brainer.  It can be a favorite type, like Twizzlers or gummie bears, or one of the Christmas specialties you see everywhere.  Or you can splurge on some special  dark chocolate bars.  I notice a lot of these are on sale now.  But any little treat works:  peppermints, chips, cookies.  It’s basically something to eat while we open presents.  Maybe granola bars should be included.

Because I love to read, I always add a book.  Sports, history, a great novel, a thriller,  the options are endless.  He might like this one if he’s a sports enthusiast.  

Useful items go  in as well. The men in my family usually need their sock supply replenished.  Dress socks and athletic socks are always appreciated. Also, we love office supplies, so, little notebooks, post-its, pens are great. 
This pen is nicer than your average ballpoint, but still not expensive.

 I usually give this notebook to my husband.  You can find them everywhere:  Target, Staples, Barnes and Noble.  

And while you are at one of those places grab a pack of plain Thank You notes, something simple and masculine. He’s going to need them after Christmas and now there will be no excuses.  For the younger men here are a few tips on writing the perfect note.

These days there seem to be a lot more options for men’s grooming supplies.  I like to give them an upgrade on shaving cream or after shave.  I like this one.

If your guys are like mine, they will stick with their same old brand and never try anything new.  Putting a new product in their stocking is one way to jazz up the old routine.

  I overheard some young people discussing this little pocket you attach to your phone to carry credit cards or a license and maybe a bill or two.
This one got good reviews.

I hope this helps and you won’t have to go wander around the drugstore looking for just any old thing to put in the stocking.  But, hey, some people like getting new toothbrushes.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year!

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