Christmas House Tour

I noticed a lot of simplicity on the Christmas House Tours I visited this year.
That is certainly what I went for in my decorating.  But, why does simplicity mean I had to buy more decorations?  I’m not sure of the answer, but that’s what happened.
I made my stockings from white damask fabric I had on hand.

After years of trying to use real greens I gave up.  They die and turn brown and make a mess.  There are such good fakes now too. Here,  I used a garland that I “arranged” in an ironstone bowl.

This space on the wall was crying out for something seasonal (not the beach scene that was there).  I found this printable and within 2 minutes I had a fun
pop of color for the spot.

This vintage postcard always gets me in the spirit somehow.  I love the old pinks and blue-green colors.
The mantel needed a little something so I added some more (fake) greens on the sides.  There’s a fine line between bare and simple.

That’s it for now.  I am still decorating and will be right up to Christmas Day.

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