Wrapping the Presents

It’s that time of year!  Time to turn the sewing/craft room into the wrapping center. 
But before any wrapping could take place, I had to clear out six months of project remains: fabric scraps, pins, sponge brushes soaking in cups.

My craft room is a room that came to be during our renovation.  It has no egress window, no closet.  It’s kind of a cell.  I love it.
I have a place for all of my tools, my supplies, and my sewing machine can stay up all the time.  It is still a work in progress as far as decor goes.
But for now, it’s where I set up my wrapping station.  All supplies are in one place.


I am using an old kitchen counter as my work surface.  The previous homeowners left behind several counters in the garage, about 4 too many.  Most I got rid of, but this one fit perfectly into this nook.  It’s great for cutting fabrics, painting canvases, framing pictures and wrapping presents.
As you can see, there is a good amount of storage below for my fabric.
I tried my hand at some chalkboard art for the first time.  I found this tutorial very helpful.  I went for the most simple project I could find.

This old toolbox helps me corral all of the necessary supplies and tools needed to make a pretty package.  As I was getting this out today I noticed that I don’t have many gift tags.  Sometimes I use plain old luggage tags from the craft store for this purpose.  They are large enough for a fun message or a few creative doodles to personalize your gift.  That’s also why I like different color pens!

The birthday bag is holding many small Christmas bags for those who prefer to use a bag for their gifts.  I put tissue and paper scraps in the galvanized bucket.

Here is another view of the room.  Can you tell I just hung the pictures on nails that were already in place?  I’m not sure if these pictures will remain so I didn’t want to put more holes in the walls. That sounds like a good project for January.
Being able to leave my sewing machine out, ready to use, is my favorite part of having a craft room. I know I already said that, but really, it’s so convenient!

Do you have a space to set up a wrapping area?

I have an old CD player/boombox that I play Christmas carols on to get me in the spirit.
It’s pretty cozy in here.

I just need to get shopping so I have some presents to wrap!

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