Christmas Decorating, Simply

This year I am in a simple frame of mind for my Christmas decorating.  I have actually done a little soul-searching about it, asking myself if I’m depressed, not in the mood, what is it?  But it is none of the above.  I am just feeling a more simple, streamlined Christmas this year.
Some years are like that.  
But, that doesn’t mean I’m taking it easy.
I made some stockings.  I had this fabric (if you sew, you always have fabric) and I bought a scarf at a thrift store for the cuff.  Then I traced around an old stocking onto my fabric and pinned the scarf to the top edge.  Then I pinned the right sides together and stitched it.
I made two stockings during one episode of Fresh Air.  Talk about productive. Now I’m thinking I need two for the other end of the mantel.  What do you think?
I found those brass candlesticks at a consignment store for 50% off, which was $11.50 for 3 candlesticks.

I had this blank wall space between the tree and the television.  I knew there would be a multitude of free printables on the web and so I googled around until I found this one, which I really like.  You can find it here.
It was easy to use my Ikea frame, popping out the old (beach) picture and putting this one in.
 So I have made some new items, changed a few things around.  A fair amount of decorating has taken place.  Come back on Friday for a few more pictures.
How far along are you on your Christmas decorating?  I know some people who haven’t bought their tree yet.

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