Striped and dotted ornaments

I like to have Christmas trees in as many parts of my house as possible; nothing brings in the Christmas spirit like a tree. And multiple trees mean you can have theme trees, which is kind of fun.
So I wanted an all gold tree.  I was sure I would find gold and white striped ornaments or polka dot ornaments.  But, no.  At least not within a ten mile radius of my house which is the distance I am willing to go.
So, what’s a girl (woman) to do?  Make your own.

This idea may have originated with Easter egg dyeing.  Unfortunately, these dots do not stick as well as I would have liked.
The end result was not sharp, but a little soft.
See for yourself.
For the striped ones I put rubber bands around the white ornament, then spray painted them gold.

These turned out with a more crisp edge.

This tree sits in the library, where our bar is. 

The pot is an old plastic one that I spray painted gold.  i stock up on gold spray paint at this time of year.

I want to do a few more ornaments.  Even though they are not perfect, I like the effect.
Do you change your Christmas decorating each year?  What little changes do you make to update it?
Bunnyhill Cottage is the name of my first blog.  

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

It’s the big day and I am feeling pretty organized (which usually means I have forgotten something).  But I’ve been over my list and I seem to be in good shape.
I just thought I would share a few pictures of this year’s table.

No matter how many times I have been in charge of the Thanksgiving dinner, there is always a little worry about everything coming together.  
But it always does and I know everyone is just happy to be together.

Happy Thanksgiving!