I have been working on my office for a couple of years now.  Actually, it’s mostly done, but I continually tweak it.  I mean, it functions quite well, but it is lacking something I can’t put my finger on.

To figure out what is missing I check out other blogger’s offices.  Here are a few that caught my eye.

 I love the mix on this charcoal gallery wall in this post by Driven by Décor.  I just don’t quite have the courage to paint my wall charcoal, plus I would have to start over with the furniture.  But that wall really is quite dramatic.  And I am envious of the hidden storage in the credenza.

As this cozy nook at classic casual home shows, you don’t have to have a big area to have a functional and stylish space.  Aren’t those bulletin boards great?

Talk about stylish!  What a great open and airy space that Sarah M. Dorsey has created in her loft.  Love that colorful rug!

This office from Shabbyfufu has an elegant mix of modern touches with old world furniture.

This office from Inspired by Charm includes functionality with it’s good looks. 

My office seems to have so much stuff, not only files, but books and supplies and papers and bills.  I have to be able to store these items and have the room still look good.
I will have an office update later this week.  Function or beauty?  Is it possible to have both?  Those are the questions.

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