I have never owned a vacation rental home, nor will I ever.  Over the years we have rented many beach houses for a week at the beach.
Most of them provide the basics, but it would be quite easy to provide a more comfortable stay for their guests, with minimal expense.

I am not going to get into décor here.  If you are renting a home, you probably are not going to put a lot of money into décor.  I wouldn’t either.

But I would put money into a couple of things.  Here is my list.

1.  Blackout curtains or decent blinds in the bedrooms.  It’s vacation people!  We don’t want to wake up with the sun!

2.  Many hooks in the bathroom.  We need places to hang wet clothes and bathing suits and towels.  And how much do hooks cost?  This is not a major expense.

3. Lamps.  Lamps by the beds, lamps by the sofas.  You can get good, inexpensive lamps at thrift stores, Target, Ikea.

4.  Surfaces, in the bedroom and the bathroom.  We need a place to put our toiletries.  Please don’t clutter it up with plastic plants and shells and fish.

5.  Placemats – is this too much to ask for?  They can be wipe-able.  Note to self:  bring a tablecloth next year.

These small additions will make any renter’s stay more comfortable and they will want to come back next year.  Do you have any additions to my list?  I’m sure I missed a few things!

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