Enjoying a Week Alone

Tom was on a business trip recently which gave me unlimited (almost) time to get a few projects done.
During our years of active duty, deployments were a time to get some big projects done.  By big projects I mean make a quilt or redecorate our bedroom.  And sometimes those things did happen.
Now I am older and wiser, not to mention less energetic and ambitious.
But, still, there were a few painting projects I wanted to accomplish while I had an entire week, like the inside of this cabinet.

I had refinished the server surface when I first bought it, but never got around to painting the inside.  Below, a before shot of the inside – it’s just a rough plywood.

Huge improvement, right?  Priming it first really helped.

When I found this paint color for the door leading into the house from the garage, I knew it would be perfect here too.  It’s Embellished Blue by Sherwin Williams and I absolutely love it.
I really want to paint my entire basement in this color.  It would lighten it up so much and give it an airy feel that is lacking now. But that is for another day.

I also painted a nightstand that was a thrift store find from a few years ago.

I sadly do not have any before pictures of the nightstand.  It was a basic brown, nothing beautiful, no antique patina believe me. 
The nightstand is in a guest room that I am working on.  It’s a long term project so I am not promising updates soon.
Painting is not my favorite thing to do.  However, seeing the transformation is very inspiring.  And it really did not take that much time. Most of the time is spent waiting for the paint to dry.
Do you have any little projects hanging around?  Now is a good time before all of the fall holidays roll around.

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