After lusting for years over rustic garden sheds and barns, adorable outbuildings turned into vintage havens, I decided it was time to create my own rustic retreat in my suburban garage.
As a collector of the rustic and rundown, I had plenty of stuff.  I realized I could bring it all together, in this corner of the garage and create my own vintage spot.
And, yes, there is a place for the tools and fertilizers and all the supplies necessary to keep a garden looking beautiful.  Function is a must!

In fact, it’s the ideal place to get my creative juices flowing and everything I need is close at hand.

 Here the collectible and “frivolous” mingles with the indispensable and reliable.
It’s kind of the perfect balance.

This area is my little slice of country in the city.  I sit here and plan my garden, make lists of what needs to be done (unending) and look at what has been accomplished thus far.

This space is a luxury, a place to dream and to design, with all my favorite things around me.

After a while I don’t notice the cinder block walls.  I am in my own
rustic shed.

When Tom can’t find me in the house he knows I am probably out in my garden “shed”, planning next year’s garden.
I hope you are finding some cool relief during these hot days!

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