Am I the only person who will go out of my way to look at a pretty garden? I often detour to see what’s going on in the garden of one particular house in my neighborhood. I guess you could say I am a garden stalker.
 The house sits on a corner lot and the owners have used every inch to enhance their cottage style home.  After years of almost causing an accident as I cruised past I decided the time had come to take some pictures. 

The driveway forms a Y shape just in front of the steps.
Below are the plantings that keep you from noticing the house next door, on the right side of the driveway.
The chartreuse color of the Japanese  grass is a wonderful contrast to the hydrangeas.

The border below is on the left side of the house and provides privacy from the street.  The house is about a block or so away from a busy commercial area.  Their mailbox is nestled amongst the lilies and crepe myrtle.
Silvery Artemisia is so pretty as contrast in the border.
The arbor below, leads into the side yard.  I long to be invited in to tour those areas that I cannot see from the street!

This garden has such a nice organic feel.  The plantings are suited perfectly to the property.  And I like that the owners have established privacy by diverting your eye to the lovely garden, not by building a wall of hedges.

A beautiful garden is such a pleasure.  I almost feel that I should write them a thank you note!

So do you have houses or gardens you drive by to get inspiration and ideas?

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