Open House

Around the corner from our house is a street of beautiful old homes with large, gracious yards.  Sometimes I go on a walk past these houses and admire the landscaping perfection.
A month ago I noticed that one of my favorite houses was up for sale and an open house was scheduled for the following weekend.
Tom and I went over to see if it was as beautiful on the inside as the outside.

This sunroom was my favorite room.  The furnishings fit the space perfectly.

 The dining room sits opposite the sitting room and it, too, is a narrow space.  Again, the furniture was exactly right for such a space.

 All of the rooms were uncluttered.  I have heard that realtors tell their clients to radically de-clutter before putting their house on the market.
And it works well. 
I like the rustic coffee table below.
The bathrooms were nicely renovated. (The house was built in 1920.)

Luckily the house is far too big for us, with 4 bedrooms and two floors.  It is selling for over $2 million!  We are happy with our rancher.
But I came home ready to declutter.  The simplicity of the rooms was soothing and peaceful.
And I got a few ideas for a bathroom renovation that I am planning.
Do you go to open houses to get ideas? 

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