A few weeks ago I just happened to hit one of my favorite thrift stores in time to see this beauty sitting out front.  In fact there were two of them, AND it was half-priced furniture day.  Price for two chairs? $25 total for both chairs.
Of course the chairs did not look like this then.

I have been on the lookout for chairs in this style forever.  One reason is that I really love a cane back or a cane seat chair.  And the cane is in good shape.

I also love the detail on the arms of the chair. 

The look I wanted to achieve is similar to these chairs from Ballard’s.
Or the spool chair from Pottery Barn.

In the catalogues these chairs are shown with the option of a white painted finish also, which I prefer for my living room.
This soft yellow seemed just right to me.  I buy a locally made chalk paint.  I love that no priming is needed for chalk paint.

I used a clear wax on top of the chalk paint to give a little soft sheen to the finish.

Another reason I like this style of chair is that a seat cushion is fairly easy to make.
After measuring very carefully I ordered high density foam from CushionXpress.  The website directs you to a video which helps to determine the density of foam needed for your product.  I highly recommend watching the video.
The prices are better than Joann’s.  I received my 4 foam pieces in a little over a week.  The total for all 4 was about $91.00.
The fabric is from Fabric Guru, which is my go to fabric store. Fabric Guru is having a 20% off sale until July 5 with the code july4.
 I usually sew my cushions and make piping to accent the edges.  This time I tried just folding the fabric over the cushion.  I’m still trying to decide if I like it.

The chair looked a little bare until I made the pillow for the back.

The other chair is a rocker and sits very low to the ground.  I have removed the rockers and am ordering feet so it will sit higher.  We will see how that goes; woodworking is not one of my skills.
In the meanwhile, have a great Fourth of July!
I was not compensated for any of the companies mentioned in this post.
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