Living Room

Do you change up your living room for the summer?  The change in season does seem to call for less décor I think.
Also, I had moved some things around and felt like it was time for a few new pictures.
When you enter our front door this chest is the first thing you see.  It sits at one end of the living room.

Our living room is a long narrow room, which makes arranging the furniture a little tricky.  Not to mention there are two big doorways, one smaller door and a 9 foot window, plus that glassed door you see to the right of the mantel.
I’ve used this little basket all over the house.  Baskets just say summer, don’t they?

This is the best place in the house to read.  I push the pillows against those high arms of the sofa; it makes the perfect headrest.

Just looking at it makes me want to do that very thing.

And guess what?  This summer, for the first time I have joined an online book club.  We will read 5 books between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  So, it looks like I will be spending quite a few hours here in my favorite spot.

Have a great weekend, doing whatever relaxes you!

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