The Dining Room

Our dining room sits pretty much in the center of our house.  When you think about it, that is kind of perfect.
When we have a cocktail party there is great flow for guests as they can  go out of any of the four doorways that lead into this room.  It’s hard to get trapped in a corner in this room. Ha!
Below you can see two of the doorways: the one on the right leads to the entry hall and on the left is the living room.
And since none of the rooms are especially big, it’s good to have flow.

At the other end of the room you have a door leading to Tom’s library, which used to be an enclosed sun porch that no one ever used.  Now we keep the bar set up out there and that is very handy for parties and other gatherings.

This view shows the library again, but with the kitchen on the left side.
Plenty of light streams in from all sides.

As I look at this room I remember all the years and the many houses and the various tables we have had. But the one constant was just being together, laughing and enjoying our time together.  Of course.

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