After any renovation there is always so much to do and that is especially true of a kitchen renovation.  Everything has to go back into the cabinets, hopefully in an organized way.  There is some restocking of pantry and refrigerator. I was excited to get in here and start cooking.
But the window seemed bare so I made something quickly, thinking I would soon know what I wanted and get something better.
That was 5 years ago.

A couple of weeks ago I finally said I have to do better on that window.  If I had a picture I would show you what it looked like.  It was a kind of pleated valance thing.  Really I should have been embarrassed in front of company.

It didn’t take me long to find fabric on the online site that I use (Fabric Guru).  Once the fabric arrived the sewing only took a couple of hours.  I’m happy with my new look.
 The new curtain inspired me to de-clutter my counters a bit.
And I made a blueberry pie!
 It is so nice when there isn’t a bunch of “stuff” on the kitchen counters.  There are only two of us living here now, so I should be able to keep it like this.

One more look at my new curtains. . .

Have a great week!

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